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The Magnificent Legacy of Walter Marcyan and Marcy Home Gyms

Marcy is a venerable name in the fitness industry. It was founded way back in 1946 by the legendary Walter Marcyan, who was a pioneer in the US fitness and health scene. Marcyan spent the 1940s up to the 1960s ceaselessly trying to raise awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. […]


The Solid Vision of Body Solid Home Gyms

Since its founding in 1989, Body-Solid has seen a remarkable growth. Its original 10,000 square foot warehouse has become a 200,000 square foot distribution facility and worldwide headquarters located just outside Chicago in Forest Park, Illinois. It doesn’t just sell its equipment in the US and Canada, but in more than a hundred countries all […]


Your Guide to Weider Home Gyms

Weider home gyms are your choice of home gyms when you don’t have budget for anything else. Are you jealously eyeing that gorgeous piece of craftsmanship that is a Body Solid home gym? Well, we can’t say a Weider home gym can match up to anything offered by Body Solid. But for such an affordable […]


A Buyer’s Guide to Bowflex Home Gyms

  For 15 years, we’ve seen them on those annoying late-night infomercials, but Bowflex home gyms are actually pretty good. In fact, when it comes to crossbow home gyms, they’re the market leaders. Bowflex offers premium models with prices almost as high as Body Solid home gyms, but they also have several options for those […]